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The Foundation – Who We Are

The Benjamin B. Green-Field Foundation is a privately endowed grantmaking organization founded in 1987 by the late milliner and philanthropist Benjamin B. Green-Field to improve the quality of life for children and the elderly in the city of Chicago.

The foundation fulfills its mission of improved human services and community support by making grants to appropriate nonprofit organizations based on a proposal process in which the foundation invites organizations to apply for funding for specific projects or activities.

The foundation attempts to directly reflect the interests of Benjamin B. Green-Field by focusing its resources in the areas in which he was particularly concerned. Therefore, the foundation’s goal is to increase the Chicago community’s capacity to provide effective and affordable care to its rapidly increasing population of youth and the elderly, and to promote, encourage, and foster such support. Today, the Benjamin B. Green-Field Foundation is one of America’s leading philanthropies with a sustained interest in both the young and the elderly.

Current Board Members

Kathryn Groenendal
President and Chairman of the Board
Sheldon Rachman
Vice President
Tammy Groenendal
Matthew Rachman
Information Officer
Christine Parker